All Line WB PStash Details
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  • Bingo Session 75 Ball Variant

  • Status Completed

  • Price $500.00

  • Total Game Sets 120

  • Number of Teams 30

  • Players Per Team 4

  • Team Settings

    Team Number Solo
    Wild Balls Any Winner in Host Game
    All Rounds Yes
  • Purchase Cards Yes

  • Total Prize $60,000.00

  • Total Awarded $60,000.00

  • Description Your team needs x10 points to win! All lines count! Last number on each line counts as wild ball if player is in stash. If person who bingo‚Äôs is only one in stash, their team will also get a point. If solo player is not in game, no wild ball points. Numbers put in sheet after EACH line. Example: if we have winners on ANY Line before the end of the FULL CARD, the stash is OVER (it won't be played till end). This is a TEAM game.Good luck all!NO REFUNDS

  • Winner Info

    liamsmom, qprsteve, firstimenana, Bluebelle99
  • Bingo GameIds

    13265843, 13265859, 13265875, 13265893, 13265909, 13265928, 13265945, 13265964, 13265984, 13266001, 13266019, 13266038, 13266056