Free Bingo Canada Summer Update!

We have some new updates this summer coming to Free Bingo Canada slot games!

Earned Credits

To help enjoy all the updates, during the this long weekend (Saturday August 3rd 2019 - Monday August 5th 2019 EDT) players will receive 50% MORE credits on purchases, while current VIP members will receive 75% MORE on purchased credits!

Autoplay for Slots!

One of the most requested features on our slot machines is finally here!
Autoplay on slots is now available for VIP Only.

VIP users can now choose the number of spins they wish to autoplay on a selected variety of slot machines and will be added to more games in the future.

Choose from different stop conditions so the autoplay will stop when you want it to.

Autoplay Settings
  • Number of Spins - The number of spins after which the current autoplay session will end.
  • Minimum Win - The minimum win amount where the current autoplay session will end.
  • Balance Increases By - If your balance increases by this amount, the current autoplay session will end.
  • Balance Decreases By - If your balance decreases by this amount, the current autoplay session will end.

Kitty Klaws Slot

Kitty Klaws is now available for all members and autoplay on this game is also available for everyone!

This 9 payline machine includes a progressive jackpot (shared with Puppy Paws) and 3 exciting bonus rounds where you can win up to 2,700 credits!

Kitty Klaws will have you searching for mice in doors, taking a cat nap, or hanging out in an alley while you win credits!