Host's Player Appreciation Day

Free Bingo Canada Hosts are organizing a player appreciation day on Sunday July 16th. Games will be played in Canada 150 Room throughout the day!

View the full list of games on the host games page

Earned Credits

To help everyone take part in the hosts' event, we will be offering 50% MORE credits on purchased credits on Sunday July 16th 2017!

New Hosts

Thanks to everyone who applied to become a Side Game Host at Free Bingo Canada.
We are pleased to announce our new hosts (and some previous hosts who are back hosting again):

  • HOST-Coffee (coffeeeyes) - 75 Ball USA, 75 Ball Canada
  • HOST-eagle65 (freebird65) - 75 Ball USA, 75 Ball Australia
  • HOST-Sami (samIam65) - 75 Ball Variant, 75 Ball Canada
  • HOST-Cindy (Cndylcll) - 75 Ball Australia, 75 Ball USA
  • HOST-MsBratLady (mississippibrat2) - 75 Ball USA, 75 Ball Australia
  • HOST-Tan17 (Tanja79) - Variant, Variant Norway

A few of the above hosts just need to accept the application.
Once the new hosts become familiar with the system, they will be able to play games in the room they applied for. All other hosts that applied we thank you for filling out your application and will be sure to keep your applications on file for future hosting opportunities that may come up.

Mailing Address

Please ensure your mailing address is updated on file, so that you you have chance to take part in special promotions!! You can edit your address by clicking my account.